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Systematic Testing and Balancing offers a full spectrum of TABB certified HVAC services including:

Air Balancing
     - Testing and regulating the amount of air flow from each air diffuser 
     - Surveying and measuring the air flow on all AC/Exhaust system
     - Measuring volts, amps, static RPMs, temperatures, and sets minimum outside air requirements on all units
     - Determine coil loads

Water Balancing
     - Assure design flow through out your hot or chilled water system
     - Quantify flow and distribute water proportionally
     - Records flow at pumps
     - Establish minimum system pressure for adequate operation

Exisiting Building Discovery
     - Evaluate current system
     - Establish as-built plans 

Duct Leakage Testing
     - Testing for all SMACNA classes​

Fire Life Safety (FLS) 
     - Certified FLS Technicians and Supervisors 
     - Periodic Fire Damper Inspection and Documentation
     - Create Fire Damper Inspection Protocols for Individual Building needs 
     - Duct Smoke Detector Velocity Testing 
     - Stairwell Pressurization

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) 
     - Investigation and solution Services 

Cleanroom Certification
    - USP <797> Testing
     - Viable and Non-Viable counts
     - HEPA filter integrity testing
     - Fume Hood certification
     - ASHRAE 110 certification
     - Biosafety cabinets

    - Owner Commissioning
     - Basic Commissioning
     - Comprehensive Commissioning 
     - Document that the buildings systems are within the design goals, and satisfactory for the owners needs
     - Eliminate HVAC installation problems early in construction
            + Limits cost and construction time.
            + Fewer deficiencies at completion deadline
            + Reduced callbacks 

     - Reports in PDF format
     - Project Online Report available while project is in progress
     - Personal user / password access 

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